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NRA Basic Pistol Course

 Classes suspended until Jan. 2017

Texas Armory has certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructors on staff and have over 30 years of instructional experience.

This course is for the beginner,  to preparing you to be comfortable and confident with your handgun and takes you from little or no handgun knowledge to being confident in handling your handgun.

  • Learning the components of your handgun, there function

  • Learning about ammunition components and there function.

  • Shooting positions and fundamentals.

  • In classroom dry fire and laser exercises.

  • Range time and live fire exercises.

  • Cleaning your handgun and post range inspection.  (cleaning supplies not included)

And most important...SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!!!

This is an 8 hours class and costs $125, This includes classroom materials, instruction fee and range fee.


If you have any questions about any portion of the NRA class or handgun requirements

Call Us at 281-684-0750

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